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I'm just curious.

I'm noticing that I myself am in this predicament also.

Is anyone else finding out that they are a bit on the busy-side too?

I don't want this community to go down the drain and die, so I'm asking this.

If so, we can all put this off for a bit, like on a set hiatus, to a time when we're more available.
(EX: Spring break, Summer, etc...)

Comment here and let me know.

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I post when I see there has been a reply. It does not bother me to post, however, if you please halting the roleplay until the Spring break, then proceed.
It doesn't really matter to me...
Do what you wish- it is not like the members truly read it daily... right...?
That might be a good idea. I find lately that I just don't feel like RPing. School makes me feel like utter crap most of the time.

But really, this is a fun place, and I don't want it to completely die either.
It is pretty fun.

But, seriously, school makes me feel like crap too.

I'm thinking that I might halt it.

It'd be easier to do that, if I had everyone's email so I can email everyone when the hiatus is over.
I can check in every few days... but I'm busy as all get out between going to school full time and working. Touya is exhausted! So, whatever you all decide to do, is fine. I just worry that if we set this aside for a while, people will forget about it and not know to come back when it's time to get going again- not that many are checking often now, but...